03.11.12Charlotte Voight

Thanks for the newsletter.Loved the info. Glad to hear of your success. Keep it up. Hopefully I'll get to hear your latest!

06.08.11Cindy R.

Very nice!!

01.02.11Bob Seibel

Please add me to your mailing list. I saw and heard you play at the State Theater in State College PA on New Years Eve and I was totally convinced -- you are GREAT!! I would like to buy some recordings of your playing as soon as they are available. Thank you.

01.02.11Barb Seibel

Do you have an CD's available for purchase? I would love to purchase one or more. My husband and I heard you perform New Years eve with the State College jazz band, and love what we heard. Thanks, Barb

12.25.10Daisy Reiter

Billy, I love "For All We Know" I love your music. Never stop playing. You're the best.

11.08.10Matt Kane

Hey Billy, i enjoyed playing with you on the jazz cruise a while back, keep in touch and hit me if you wanna play sometime, i live in jersey so it would be easy to do a session. take care

09.19.10Judy Oravec

Wondering if you've gotten a CD together yet? I'd love to be able to listen to you at home in Seward Alaska PS I am Deb Miller's aunt

03.31.10Dana Russell

I was cruising around the internet and I came across this web site. I'm impressed. I'm sure your Dad would have been very proud of what you've accomplished. I know your Mom is.


03.09.10artie v

man...that 'for all we know' recording sounds beautiful. nice playing.

01.20.10Cheryl Cox

Dear Billy,

We met at the Congregational Church in Rutherford in December at your gig--I gave you, or one of the guys my card---I have that theatre project in town, and I want to talk to you about bookings! please do call me at 848-333-5312, or email at the theatre email address--- if you are interested, if not I\'ll call William Paterson and get another trio---but we so much enjoyed your music, we would like to use you! Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you soon!!! Best! Cheryl Cox, Managing Director

01.12.10Debra Miller

Awesome show in State College!! Sorry I missed you at the pizza shop:( Glad all is going well. Do you have a CD available to purchase? If not, let me know when you do. I will be anxiously awaiting to purchase some...
Mrs. Debra Miller


Really enjoyed your piano play at the church in rutherford (11/6/09). Look forward to seeing you at othe venues.

09.06.09Charlotte Voight

Just finished reading all about you. I was wondering what you are doing. Now I know. You've been very busy learning, and entertaining the world. Congratulations on succeeding in a difficult field Music! You still have my support. I know Daisy is your number one fan but I'm next. Good luck and keep up the good work.Fondly

07.16.09Diane Tyrrell

howdy cousin! I am sending some folks who live in new york your way to see you :-)
let me know how you are doing!

06.04.09Paul Leskowicz

Hey, Billy!
Hope all is well with you. Nice website!
Congrats on all that you are doing and plan to do in the near future.
Hope to see you around this summer.
Best regards,
Paul Leskowicz

03.20.09Greg Johnson

hey man. Sorry to miss you over spring break. We'll play soon. I'll be back in July.

02.12.09Greg Johnson

Hey man, your site looks great. I linked you to mine. www.gregjohnsonjazz.com

Hope Willi P is nice. We should get together and play sometime when we're in the same state.


I want some downloads.haha.good stuff man

12.15.08Sandy Wigfield

Hello distant cousin!! My Grandma (isabel Williams) and your Pap or maybe great-pap (Earl Test) were brother and sister! I live in State College, PA and noticed the you play here.......let me know the next time you are coming and I'll come see you. I will let Karen (Lloyd) Pillot know too!
Your music is awsome

12.13.08Karen Lloyd Pillot

I joined your fan club on facebook. I dont know if you see the comments, but I added that your grandpap Earl and my Grandma Ruth are brother and sister. Your dad and my mother are full cousins. You are related to me as much as you are related to Alexandiria. I met you at her house a few Christmas's ago. Maybe it was last Christmas, you and your brother were in her basement visiting. My parents live nest to the Philipsburg hospital where I grew up. I live it Thompsontown now. The other funny thing is that Carl Pillot is my nephew. His dad and my husband are brothers. I just want to say that Im proud of you and all you have done. Keep up the good work.

10.06.08Jeremy Siskind

Hey man,
Great to meet you last night. You sound killing! Definitely hit me up next time you're in the Upper West Side and we can play a little bit and hang out.

All the best!


07.18.08Daisy Reiter

Love the music, Billy. We'll be at the Ale House in August.

05.27.08Charlotte Voight

Glad to see the website started. Will see you soon at the Ale House. Hope to hear how the first year at WM Pat went. Good luck to you!

04.24.08Scott Test

Great site, great tunes. Shooby would be proud. Keep it up. :D

02.07.08Daisy Reiter

Thank you for the dinner music last night. It was beautiful.I love this websied. Love you more.

01.24.08Rick Hirsch

Good stuff, Billy — I also broke down and went with the Dynamod portal as I re-did my site last fall (HirschMusic.biz).

I particularly dig the "I Love You" track — nice left hand counterpoint, etc. Keep it up!

Be in touch, OK?

01.22.08Kevin Supina

Hey Billy, great site. Love the tracks. I wasn't sure if you'd ever play Sentimental Mood again after my gov school audition.