Music Education

As an ever-growing musician, I place the importance of education high on my list. With many strong mentors, I strive to teach as clearly as possible, with a goal of inspiring students to find their own voice.

I've given private lessons for the past eight years. I strive to encourage strong musical growth and personal development, encouraging students to push themselves and find ways to keep entertained beyond our lessons. My teaching reflects the philosophy that learning should be easy and fun for everyone involved. Musically, I strive to produce well-rounded students who are able to function on a high level in almost any musical situation they encounter. Currently I am a piano professor at the TK Music Academy in Nutley, New Jersey and the New York Jazz Workshop. I also teach outside of these organizations.

In the past, I directed a combo in the State College Area School District. The combo was run as a low-end collegiate level jazz ensemble, with strong emphasis on Jazz Harmony, Jazz Theory, and Jazz Improvisation. Since then, I have gone on to give masterclasses at William Paterson University, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Slippery Rock University and TK Music. Masterclasses can include some of the following topics (but are not limited to them by any means!):

-Transcription and Analysis: How to Gain a Stronger Method for Self-Education
-What is Jazz Piano? (encouraged for younger age groups)
-An Analytic Look at the Evolution of Modern Jazz Piano: From Past to Present
-Personalized Improvisation: Finding Your Own Voice
-How to Improvise? A Beginner's Approach to Learning a Language
-The Art of Duo Playing
-How to Develop a Rhythm Section Sound-an Interactive Approach

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